Cutting Room Floor

On the Cutting Room Floor, you'll find exciting scenes that didn't make it into the final version of Terminal Ambition. Think you understand what drives the characters? Get insights into Maggie Mahoney, Jack Slattery, Andy Anderson and other characters.

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Terminal Ambition

Maggie Mahoney wants justice for the women at Sweeny, Owens & Boyle. The firm chairman wants to be Attorney General. Only one can win. A kickass female lawyer takes on the old boys' club of a Wall Street law firm.

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Maggie Mahoney

A kickass lawyer who won't be intimidated by the old boys' club.


Erling "Andy" Anderson

Chairman of a Wall Street law firm who's willing to pay any price to satisfy his ambition.


Jack Slattery

His disdain for the law started when he walked a beat.


Sunny Star-Perez

A brilliant lawyer who lacks streets smarts.

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